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For Parents & Adults

Hey Kids! Welcome to the KidZone - A special part of Super Science Saturday made just for you. As you get excited for Super Science Saturday, click on the links below to play tons of fun games, projects and riddles!


Climate Kids



Science Kids at Home



Discovery Kids



Science Buddies



Neuroscience For Kids



Smithsonian Science Education Game Center






The Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of Berkeley

Play online science games, download activities to do at home, and more cool stuff.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Games and Activities, Brainteasers and Riddles, Environmental Health and Science Education, and other cool links and resources.

Science Made Simple

Kids learn science the easy, hands-on way with Science Made Simple. Get fun science projects & great experiments using household materials. Clear, detailed answers to children's science questions, science news, and more!

For Kids Only

Earth Science Enterprise by NASA - Explore the Earth by people, land, water, air, and natural hazards.

The Franklin Institute Online

Kids Did This in Science - See cool science experiments, expositions, and other projects online - done by other kids!


Presented by the American Museum of Natural History, this site has a ton of great interactive science experiments and really cool projects to do online.

Science News for Kids

A great news website with great puzzles, games, and more!


All you could want to know about eating - made easy for kids.

Kids Chemistry 101

This site helps you find out more about the world of chemistry. The links on this page all go to sites that are nice and easy to understand.

All of the links above are maintained by outside organizations may be changed without notice to SSS. Therefore, unless the link is to a U.S. government sponsored webpage, endorsement by SSS is not implied, and SSS does not guarantee their continuing safe content or privacy policies. So please ask your parent or guardian before continuing to any non-SSS website, and especially before providing any information via the internet or by e-mail. When last reviewed, the websites linked from the SSS Kids' Pages seemed suitable for you to visit, but that may have changed; if you have any difficulties or concerns with any linked materials, please let us know.

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