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We've all heard of the inventor genius, the Wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Edison, but do you know about Yamin Yang, who just received the 2015 Graduate Student Award for developing innovative strategies for the use of gold nanospheres, which attach to tumors to help the treatment of cancers?

Both have been recognized by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame (NJIHoF - This exciting volunteer organization has since 1987 worked to honor and promote the innovation and creativity of the many persons and organizations who have helped make New Jersey the "Invention State." Read more at "About Us". And be sure to scroll through the many past recipients. Also like them on Facebook.

We are honored to join this esteemed group and to have received the 2015 NJIHoF "Advancement of Invention and Process Award" because we "Created and sustained the 'Super Science Saturday' extravaganza to expose children to the marvels of science." (Scroll down from the 2015 Award Winners Click and Scroll through the "2015 Banquet Program.") While James Wallace and MichaelAaron Flicker received the award, it has been the many, many volunteers who have kept it going for so long. Credit also goes to the many adult presenters who have returned year after year, some for over 20 years, and of course to the many students - elementary, middle and high school - who present each year (More About the Award).

Science is fun. Science is challenging. Come to Super Science Saturday. Be a presenter. Join the Volunteer Committee. And check out and support the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame.

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